One datasource, many applications

your catalog, our specialty

  • give us a data report
  • we give you a catalog, report, directory
  • you give us updated data
  • your catalog updates automatically

HUGE savings in production cycles!

One of our university press client said…

“This was the best catalog experience I’ve ever had.”

Import, size, place images on the fly

  • image files are listed in data source
  • auto fit, resize and position on the fly

Typesetting done instantly

  • each data field has an associated type style sheet

Link to Our Automation Brochure.

Automation chart

Success Stories

in more detail...

  • Publisher database for Catalog is output to csv or XML
  • Field Tags must be finalized at beginning of project

      XML Example:
      <Title>Cat in the Hat</Title>
      <Author>Dr. Suess</Author>
      <CatalogBodyCopy>A great children’s book.</CatalogBodyCopy>

  • XML Datasource file imported to plug-in within InDesign.
  • Bliss Design: Creates Graphic Templates with Field tags for each type of page within catalog.
  • Bliss Design: Creates Library of page styles
  • Bliss Design: Paginates entire catalog and massages any special pages for catalog.
  • Bliss Design: Creates Commentable PDF to return to Publisher/Editor.
  • This production order is repeated, until Catalog is final.
  • Bliss Design: The Catalog, once approved is produced in High resolution PDF for printer, or low res for website.